Scouts' Day 2007


A truly international theme was used to celebrate the 28th annual Homenetmen Scouts Day on Saturday 24th March at the new, chic venue of Fulham Town Hall. The 150 strong scouts invited family, friends and community leaders to join with them and celebrate 28 years of Homenetmen's establishment in London. Throughout the decades Homenetmen has brought together the Armenian youth in the Diaspora to unite and create a strong community where scouts grow up together learning, sharing and growing as Armenians. This has allowed Homenetmen to continue as one of the strongest Armenian organisations in London.

The theme of scouts day this year was to display and pay tribute to all the different countries that had joined together in the motherland. In order to celebrate these events each of the seven scouts groups ranging from ages four to eighteen displayed what had inspired and remained in their thoughts after living with the scouts from the Diaspora for ten days.

The first part of the evening incorporated the disciplined and traditional marching of all the groups with their flags before HG Bishop Nathan Hovhannisian and the large crowd of community members. The scouting oath was taken, National Anthem sang, speeches made and merits awarded. Mr Levon Baghdasarian from Homenetmen's Central Committee had come to support and encourage our organisation and displayed how overjoyed and proud he was to see such a strong community in London. The Chairman of Homenetmen's executive committee in London; Fred Hairapetian invited Mr Barkev Kassardjian on stage to be awarded with a commemorative plaque in honour of the many years of support his trust has given to Homenetmen and all its activities. He will be moving abroad however his nephew will continue his much appreciated work.

The second part of the evening's celebrations were hosted by two of the scouts themselves, Shaghik Beshirian and Ari Boghosian for the "Eurovision Style" evening. The two formally dressed hosts walked on stage arm-in-arm and welcomed the audience to interact and enjoy the efforts made by all the scouts. Short clips were shown displaying background information about the countries they were representing before the groups portrayed their own interpretation. The acts consisted of live music, dancing, sketches, gymnastics, comedy and songs. The grand finale brought all the scouts leaders on stage to portray Armenia with a group song of "Miyasnootyan Shoorjbar" to keyboard accompaniment which gradually brought on the entire "miyootyoon". The back-drop was a collage of the nation's flags that were represented which gave a really international touch.

The audience came alive and were enjoying and interacting with the performances making it a really welcoming and comfortable celebration with a final standing ovation to congratulate the fine performances. All were inspired and proud to have such skilled and talented scouts within their community. The evening would not have been possible without the hard work, efforts and motivation of all that were involved. The presentations really demonstrated how much time, energy and effort is put in by the scouts leaders and organisers to be able to display such a varied collection of performances in a highly professional manner. For more information and to see the official photos, click here.




Written by Melanie Jacob